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The Berkley Board of Education has approved Schools of Choice slots for the 2017-18 school year. Learn more details about the number of slots, grades and timelines on the Schools of Choice website.

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HIV/AIDS Reproductive Health Topics

The Berkley Board of Education has established a program of instruction which includes HIV/AIDS and other serious communicable disease prevention education and reproductive heath education.  According to Michigan law, you have the right to review the materials and curriculum content to be used in HIV/AIDS and other serious communicable disease prevention education, as well as reproductive health education.  Anderson Middle School, in compliance with the statute, has made the materials and curriculum guides available for your review.  You also have the right to observe instruction in your child's classroom.  If you wish to do so, please contact Jim Cowdrey, Assistant Principal, at 837-8202 to make arrangements for review of the material and/or to observe instruction.

Please review the unit outlines below and decide if you would like your child to participate or if you would prefer that your child opt out of this portion of the class.  In either case, please select your decision in step #4 of the Student Paperless Packet. 

Sixth Grade

Boys and Girls will be separated for this portion of the class.

Changes that occur during puberty

  • Social changes
  • Emotional changes
  • Intellectual changes
  • Physical Changes - A. Menstruation, B. Reproductive systems, C. Orgasm

Seventh Grade

This is a mixed gender class.

  • Review of male and female anatomy and proper terminology
  • Conception
  • Gestation
  • Birth
  • Early childhood development

Eighth Grade

This is a mixed gender class.

  • Sexually transmitted infections

Volunteer Information

Parents are encourage to volunteer in classrooms, chaperone field trips, and be a volunteer driver. In order to volunteer, all parents volunteering in the classroom or during school sponsored functions or field trip must complete the Volunteer Release Form prior to any activities.  Parents driving or chapperoning a field trip must have the Volunteer Driver Form and Chapperone Responsibility Form completed in addition to the Volunteer Release Form.