About Berkley Schools


Why Berkley Schools?

Our values support a balanced education with academic, social, and emotional support to foster and develop personal and intellectual curiosity, teamwork, and creative problem-solving as the basic tenets of success. We have a commitment that our students' experience is within the context of a safe and nurturing environment where high achievement includes academic excellence, opportunities for language, fine-arts, athletics, and the development of personal skills for life-long success.

Simply put, we know each child by name and are committed to academic achievement, personal development, and individual success for all students.

District Information

Since 1840, the Berkley School District has been committed to the excellence of education for our students. There is a strong sense of loyalty and pride among our graduates…many of our students are third generation and a number of our staff are alumni.

Today, the district is made up of a childcare/early education center, four elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and one International Baccalaureate World School. Our students may also opt to attend the International Academy, a public, tuition-free high school of choice for students of 20 Oakland County school districts collaborating in consortium with university and business partners or participate in vocational education offered through Oakland Schools.

The Berkley School District serves more than 4,500 students ranging in age from newborn through adulthood for people living in Berkley, Huntington Woods and a section of Oak Park. Additionally, we host a limited number of students from neighboring districts who participate in the state’s School of Choice program.

The district is located in Oakland County, Michigan  - a county known for high per capita income. In addition to its close proximity to world-class museums, concert venues, theater and professional sporting events, Oakland County affords easy access to major expressways, parks, lakes, and recreational facilities.

A letter to the community from the Superintendent

Dear Berkley Schools Community,

As you may know, The Washington Post has named Berkley High School to its list of top high schools in the country, placing us sixth best in the state. In addition to recognizing us for our academic rigor, this is an important recognition of what we know to be true: Berkley School District is large enough to offer depth of service and access to a wide variety of opportunities, yet small enough to know each of our students - Kindergarten through high school. Our mission is focused with an unwavering commitment to each and every learner in the quest to realize his or her full potential. Our schools don’t work alone in the process.

Berkley parents are very involved and our community cares – and that makes all the difference. Our parents believe in an education which prepares our students with well-rounded opportunities and challenging experiences necessary for individuals to succeed in life. As one parent put it, Berkley provides "life-prep." Related to that, the level of commitment and quality of our PTAs throughout the district is impressive with a focus on academic achievement and post-secondary education opportunities for all students.

Inside each of our schools is a warm and friendly environment - our schools are very safe, orderly, and obviously caring. Our schools also teach values - good values. We teach the Golden Rule, honesty, hard work, teamwork, taking turns, taking care of our planet, citizenship, and persistence. At the same time we value creativity, independent thought, and curiosity. 

Our staff, students and parents are supportive and enthusiastic about the educational opportunities we provide. The current condition of our state, nation, and our world demands that we educate our children to be creative problem solvers; to make connections with both intrinsic value and higher-level thinking; and to develop into life-long learners and global citizens in an environment of change and opportunity. 

I invite you to visit our schools or contact me for further information and see for yourself why Berkley School District is a wise choice in education. Please call 248.837.8000 for more information.

Thank you for your consideration of our district in your child’s future.

Dennis McDavid